Friday, December 4, 2009

And the nature portfolio continues

And as usual... just like my thoughts, the directions of the photos change. I'm like a whirlwind of thoughts, and sometimes its a good thing and other times its bad. But I suppose overall it is good, because I could come out with two separate portfolios stemming from the same idea. I just have to keep going.

Now, this black & white or color? I'm thinking black and white. I'm usually incorrect in my thoughts though regarding which photo to choose, so help me out!

This little series of Eddie with the leaf shadows on his back kind of go with the photos of my sister being a swamp the sense that....I don't know they just go. Nature is on them? Someone in class said these and the ones of my sister are more "intimate" than the others. Which makes sense on so many levels, #1 being my sister is my sister, and Eddie is my love. So how do I pinpoint that intimacy and find a way to use it in everything I do? Find a connection with everyone on some kind of level? See a few blogs ago for swamp Amy photos.

Speaking of nature. On my shoot with Catherine and Emily, mother nature took it upon herself to destroy my speedlite. I don't even know when it happened. I was wading through a river and next thing I know it my hot shoe thingy has been partially decapitated. Note: Wading through rivers did not damage it, some mysterious force did. Did river otters gnaw on it while I wasn't looking?

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