Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh my toe

oh my toe. oh my god. writing oh my god with your left hand one level up from the right makes you write "oh my toe". i made myself laugh.

what i was oh my god, to live is to die (metallica) is the most beautiful song ever. I haven't listened to it in so long. music tells stories too.

but what it doesn't tell me is if i took an antacid from this bottle sitting in front of me. but if i was to trust this song, and my heartburn i would assume no i have not taken it yet.

i will go to bed when the song ends, til then, I WRITE...

see, i had metallica cd's and they all got scratched and worn from playing and replaying over my favorite parts of by the time i upgraded to having an ipod like a year ago i couldn't get any of the songs onto it without skipping. then i forgot about them? maybe i was afraid lars ulrich would come after me for downloading them on limewire?

Yeah, laugh away...I got my first hand me down ipod when i was 24. just like how i had a pager til i was 21 (I'm 25 now). my trend is to follow trends AFTER they're less trendy, less expensive and less coolness. Don't be jealous.

To live is to die: 4 minutes and 56 seconds in enters the most serene, beautiful sadness and desperation and transitions into a solo that begins to tell that story further, and then merges into anger and angst. Building up and climaxing, repeating, and surrendering at 8 minutes and 54 seconds.....slowly leave the scene and merge back into the sadness, submitting to the past; the beginning...and fade off the way you faded in.

Musical geniuses....even if they sue their fans.

Wooh. Music. Don't forget about music as an inspiration. I want to make photographs to the movement I feel in my heart when I hear this song.

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