Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goodbye large format camera

I will miss our time together. Thanks for listening, I will miss the time I spent yelling at you for wobbling on the tripod...and yelling at you when I couldn't get anything in focus. And yelling at my dark cloth when the wind blew it off me. And yelling at the sun for moving. And yelling at my loupe for lying to me about the clarity in your ground glass.

But ultimately, I will miss you for the mere fact that I chose to shoot in a style I didn't understand so I could feel like I accomplished something and I think I did it. Even if I don't have a stunning portfolio from it. I was able to understand the movements and learn to be aware of things I didn't pay attention to at first. Is that learning? Did I actually learn something?

I will miss the time it takes to photograph something/someone/somewhere and the effort that has to be put into making a single image. The time I spend setting up and watching the sun move behind the clouds gave me time to think about why I was photographing my subjects.

Here's my favorite from the last batch. :( Maybe one day I can buy my own. Goodbye my 2nd love (second only to Eddie)

I'm going to have a film summer. I'm going to shoot with film and enjoy it. Give my digital a break with some pampering like lens & sensor cleaning. There's something about film. I can't forget that. It's cliche I know. But there's something different about my work that is not digital. I can see it myself, I don't know if anyone else can but that seems important to me. It seems like I should pursue it because of that.


  1. I feel the same way about film/ digital. In fact, this entire semester I was shooting film for everything but editorial.

    I want to shoot a LOT more film.

    and that photo is exquisite.

  2. Thanks buddy :)

    Don't you feel like a trendy dork liking film better? I say we work it. WORK IT WORK IT.

    I dont really care, I miss photographing for personal satisfaction. You're part of the ORL Crew right? We should shoot one day together.

  3. ahaha yes! I feel so ~pretentious. But I also do not care

    Yeah! We should. I've been creeping around the factories and oil refineries on Orange Ave, and the ones on Kaley and Division lately. good stuff

  4. I have not started the summer of film.....