Sunday, March 21, 2010

Strange Little Girl

Look up the lyrics.

Shot more for my nature vs man series (seen here) and on my last blog, but the 2 black and whites aren't intermixing well with the color. I'm excited about the outcome.

I'm a little worried they may all look similar, but maybe all together it'll look like a real series, not a bunch of duplicates. We'll see. I've never been looking at anything in "series vision" as I would call it. Portfolio workshop is definitely the best class for me by far. Prof told us to go shoot whatever we want to and then come back with the work, and we'll figure out together how it all goes together, and why we're attracted to what we are. It's like art therapy! Love it. Love the freedom, the feelings, to be driven by myself rather than under the directions of another. The ones I shot today are large format so they'll be up here in a few days once I get the film processed.

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